Origin of ZOM

ZOM was created by Yazom. A startup located on the Caribbean island of Jamaica that focuses on driving social change through health and wellness.

We don’t offer insurance, we are insurance

Why ZOM?

ZOM was created with the mission to provide all natives and visitors of 3rd world countries and emerging economies with easier access to health and wellness services.

The vision is to create a world where health and wellness are not just an afterthought.


How ZOM Works

ZOM utilizes the DeFi experience to ensure you are covered by giving access to Premium Cards.

ZOM Premium Cards will provide access to medical doctors that utilize Electronic Health Records (EHR) within 3rd world countries and emerging economies. This way you can ensure that an acceptable standard is being followed in the event that you need medical assistance.

Let’s take a look at a simple example for clarity:

Jane is visiting the Caribbean from the UK. Her friend Lisa decides that because of the pandemic she should be medically covered in the event that anything happens. Lisa secures a Premium Card for Jane valued at $100 for 30 days. She takes $100 worth of stable coins and $100 worth of ZOMs and places them into the appropriate contract.


Situation 1:

Premium Card (Not Used)

Upon Jane’s visit, she DID NOT need any medical assistance. She returns to the UK and now Lisa waits for the remaining days to elapse and her $100 worth of stable coins and $100 worth of ZOMs is returned minus the 30 day staking (ZOM has a staking mechanism).


Situation 2:

Premium Card (Used)

Upon Jane’s visit, she DID receive medical assistance. She returns to the UK and now Lisa waits for the remaining days to elapse and her $100 worth of ZOMs and the remaining stable coins minus the medical cost and service charge (20%) are returned.

ZOM over Everything else because…

The company that created ZOM; Yazom, has an EHR called Yazom Professional which already caters to medical practitioners and pharmacies. It has been in operation within the Caribbean, Central and South America for the last five (5) years with the majority of the market share within the Caribbean. This helps increase the chances of adoption of the Premium Cards that will be available through the utilization of ZOM.

Med Reps

Visibility is the responsibility of anyone that operates a med rep. Just by having one and telling others about it. You’re utilizing the best marketing tool - relationships; referral through familiarity. The more people know about ZOM, the better.


Service charges and ZOM staking are split 25% Yazom and 75% to all Med Reps.


You must have at least 50,000 ZOMs to utilize a Med Rep.

ZOM by the Numbers


Circulating Supply

51.7 million


Annual Staking



Current Price


Jamaica had over 4.53 million visitors in 2019, approximately double the island’s population.

The Caribbean has on average 30+ million visitors annually.

South America has on average 40+ million visitors annually.

Central America has on average 10+ million visitors annually.

Partnership discussions and expression of interests underway with major Caribbean resort.

More to ZOM

There are plenty more details on ZOM but we wanted to keep it simple! If you want to get into more details and more of what ZOM will be trying to achieve then here is the white paper.